What I Can Do For You

  • Do you need riveting and exciting copy for a brochure, postcard or article?
  • How about a paper or internal document that needs editing?
  • Need someone to create or polish your resume?
  • Have a layout for a for a newsletter that needs critiquing?

I can do it! My areas of expertise include copy-writing for marketing materials (brochures, newsletters, postcards), editing, and resume writing. As a seasoned graphic designer and production artist, I can also analyze and critique your existing layouts or designs, and give my input as to what needs tweaking and adjusting.

About Me

I’m an experienced copywriter and graphic designer in the NY/NJ Metro area who has a penchant for seeking out Photoshop retouching in popular lingerie catalogs. My other interests include: gormandizing, reading backs of shampoo bottles and deftly dodging my cat’s angry (or cuddly, I’m not sure anymore) swats.

In my former life, I was a pest control company gate-keeper and a Photoshop wizard for a popular men’s magazine. Nowadays I’m a production-peddler for Moleskine and moonlight in the evenings as a self-employed scribe.